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The Berridge Architectural Privacy Fencing utilizes Berridge’s Spaceframe 24 gauge metal studs, track and blocking combined with a wide selection of factory produced Berridge panels and 16 gauge posts to create maintenance-free fences that compliment and match any design.


  • Fire resistant and termite proof
  • High strength, all steel construction with higher wind rating than alternate products
  • Permanent: will not rot, fade, crack or split
  • 100% recyclable, produced from 32.9% pre-consumer and post-recyclable material
  • Limited wood grain and stucco embossing available


  • 24 Gauge Steel Spaceframe Components
  • 16 Gauge Galvanized Steel Posts


  • Uses: Fencing
  • Fence Heights: 4’ 2”, 6’ 2”, 8’ 2” and 10’ 2”
  • Panel Widths: Vary by panel choice. Available in seven Berridge 24 gauge panels: Vee-Panel, Flush Seam, Thin Line, B-6, HS-8/HS-12, or HR-16
  • Finishes: Vary by panel choice
  • Fasteners: Interlock with concealed fasteners


  • Posts are spaced 10’ 2 1/2” O.C. for single posts or 10' 5" O.C. for double posts, in lieu of 8 feet O.C. with wood posts
  • Vertical interlocking panels with concealed fasteners
  • Can be installed on level or sloped applications


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