Berridge Metal Roofing Watertightness Warranty Training Seminar

Berridge Metal Roofing Watertightness Warranty Training Seminars are one-day sessions conducted by the WTW Department at the Berridge Training Facility in San Antonio, Texas. The seminar consists of classroom instruction, installation demonstrations using full-scale roof mock-up assemblies, roll former and seamer demonstrations, and a tour of the Berridge San Antonio paint line.

The seminar provides in-depth coverage of techniques required for the successful installation of Berridge standing seam roof systems.

  • Material handling
  • Underlayment systems
  • Critical installation details for Berridge Tee-Panel, Curved Tee-panel, Tee-Lock, Cee-Lock and Zee-Lock Panels
  • Critical Keys to Watertight Warranty Installation
  • The Watertight Warranty program, and project submittal requirements

Since its inception in 2004, the Berridge Roof Watertightness Warranty Training Seminar has been an ongoing educational program of Berridge Manufacturing Company.


Berridge Training Facility
2610 Harry Wurzbach Rd
San Antonio, TX 78209
(210) 650-3050


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